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Torrent Video Player is a player based on VLC that allows you to play any video through a torrent file at the same time as its being downloaded.

The regular torrent clients download the archives out of order so it’s not possible to visualize them before they have downloaded completely. Torrent Video Player downloads the files in order to play them at the same time as they are being downloaded.

It's as easy as downloading the torrent file that we want, it can even run through magnet links, and automatically we will have the option to watch the video or just download it.

The player itself takes advantage of all the benefits of the VLC player, with the possibility of showing subtitles or the appliance of various sound and video filters.

Furthermore, we have the possibility to offer our own files, may it be as torrent or streaming.

It´s a great option for those that want to download the videos in torrent without having to wait, being able to play high resolution files nearly immediately.